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    Want brett favre and emmitt smith rcs

    I want to trade for brett favre stadium club rcs and emmitt smith score rcs also want emmitt smith action packed rc. Let me know what you have and want

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    I have a Favre Stadium Club RC... I'm interested in Favre/Aaron Rodgers/Clay Matthews or any Packers GU/AU... Let me know what you have. Maybe we can work something out. Thanks!!

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    I have an offer for you
    clay mathews 2010 topps gold /210
    clay mathews upper deck rc
    greg jennings rc
    aj hawk 2011 topps gold /2011
    2008 topps brett favre flight to 420 td #97
    2008 topps brett favre flight to 420 td #305
    2004 fleer showcase ricky williams fleer show case gu /300 (dolphins)
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    Hmmm.. Do you have anything else you'd add?? Lower numbered GU or AU? Do you have a trade list I could look at? Thanks for the offer!

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    a couple post up not much. will trade in your favor

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