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Thread: Johnny U & more for trade

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    Johnny U & more for trade

    Have these looking for the usual whatever catches my eye

    2001 Quantum Leaf /100 on card

    2011 Absolute 1/1

    2011 Prime 1/1

    Holofoil /75

    Silver /35



    2012 Finest Orange Refractor /99
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    Quote Originally Posted by Interanzionale View Post
    Like the Unitas
    Thanks but everything I liked was higher. Nice cards wish I knew something about hockey

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    Quote Originally Posted by 49chargedriver View Post
    check me for the unitas as well.

    Thanks but didnt see anything I liked more outside of that crazy rg3. Good luck with that awesome pull

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtracy84 View Post
    hey man like the unitas & rg3, cmb haha
    That unitas is sweet right lol. PM me if I have anything I can add to the RG3 for the ultimate kobe.

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    pm sent
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    I trade by bv, sv, whichever makes the most sense in that deal. Don't expect me to accept a deal that you wouldn't if the roles were reversed!! Will get to the PO when I can. Let me know when you plan to send out unless you are MSF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsnyder2004 View Post
    check me for the Johnny U too!
    Pm sent

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