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Thread: Copy of Madden 06 for ps2 f\t

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    Copy of Madden 06 for ps2 f\t

    Looking for some trade bait (g\u, auto's or nice rcs). Looking to get for basketball & football. would want something I would pay around $20 for. So, If you have a g\u that sells for $3, I will want a little more.
    plmk if interested.

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    hey any of these FT?

    84 Topps John Elway tc bv $80

    86 Topps Jerry Rice rc bv $80

    89 Score Barry Sanders rc bv $40

    89 Score Troy Aikman rc bv $25

    90 Score Supp Emmitt Smith rc bv $60

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    sorry man, I havent updated my site. All that stuff was stolen. I am trying to rebuild from scratch.

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    nope! I had the Favre & Manning autos in a lock box & those where the only things I had left. I traded those just because I wasnted a fresh start, but I have NOTHING right now. I am taking donations, lol j\k

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    I'm intrested in possibly trading for the game

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    chucky, plmk if these are available & make me an offer
    barber & merriman autos. Jackson & Keards jsy\autos, manning auto, tiki auto, both ultimate collections dual autos, Randy white auto

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    What are you trying to get for it? Merriman are available..the others are pretty high dollar

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    Chucky, looking for a card or 2 that total around $40-50 bv. Looking for football & basketball auto's, patches & nice g\u or possible nice rcs. If you have any stuff not listed on your site plmk.

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