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    Superfractor auto FS and more (Kapernick)

    Need to sell some of my collection due to problems at work. Hate to do it but looking for paypal only (no trade). Looking for fair deals, 80-85% of Ebay

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    It's not on this thread.. but interested in your A. Garcia Heritage Auto. PM for a price. Thanks
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
    LF Good Stuff of: MIGGY, R. Wilson, Peyton, Durant, R. Westbrook, LeBron, Jordan, Kobe,
    Curry, Chipper, Trout, Harper
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    Price on alshon chrome auto, turbin finest 3 clr, Cyrus gray auto

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    how much are you asking on the Kap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcole1231 View Post
    how much are you asking on the Kap?
    $35 on Kap.

    Sorry guys I have sold a bunch from the bucket and I have about 25% of it left. PM me if you are interested in what I have left or in certain players. don't have the ones you quoted

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    Kap has been sold

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    thanks for the deal PP sent!

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    price on the Harper Refractor and harper finest auto.

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    PM me a price dlvd, seperate and as a lot on these please. Thanks.

    *both peads /250*

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    Whats up to date in the football/baseball sections?

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    buying/trading for Andrew Luck topps chrome rc's. pm me if you have any available

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