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    4 more 12-13 Heroes and Prospects boxes to open. Things were collecting dust inz casa

    Waiting to see the photo results of a case of Motown that was opened in Mt. Clemens from this past weekend for a one on one draft with the Iceage of Don, who drove up for the event. I supplied the goods and he got to bust, redeem, hang out, and have fun in sunny-exotic Detoit Metro.

    These four boxes cleared up my "itch" without any use of Anti-Virals. Because we all know that Brillo Pads do not get rid of that "itch".

    Had six boxes left for shows left from a case today. By 5pm it became 3 boxes left. The Shew came over and made it one box left. Now it's none. Three of the "loaded" cases that I opened or shared each had ten sp autos per case. Two cases had three and under like most do. Once again ten more sp autos out of three cases opened. This is by far the best year for Heroes and Prospects since 05-06. First time I pulled a full size Letter and the other was on a group break which didn't count. 4 sp Heroes autos came out in the case, and many $20 and under sp goalie autos came out of this case. No jersey/autos from this one. The others had 3-5 per case. Each "loaded" case had the redonk Subway Series patch though like the Clapperton gold in these 4 of 6.

    Pictures for all to see who wants to see them.
    Box 4

    Box 3

    Box 2

    (The Clapperton pack was by far the poofiest pack I have ever seen in ITG history of poofy packs that I have opened)

    Box 1

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    INterested in some of the GU cards, check my bucket and let me know

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    DO you have any Howden or Scheifele autos/GU? If so PM me

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    Nothing game used or autographs of them.

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    Nice, you killed those boxes with the nameplate and Bure auto.

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