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    Need Amare Bowman Chrome & UD REWARDS

    Alright this is a bizarre want list but yeahhh
    i need these cards
    Amare 2005-2006 bowman chrome base card
    these topps cards
    1,12,13,16,17,21,25,34,37,47,55,66,70,73,74,75,76, 97,101,105,113,118,125,128,138,139,141,142,150,152 ,154,159,162,163,165,166,168,170,171,181,184,193,1 97,198,200,204,211,215,221,22,223,226,233,234,235, 238,240,244,252,253,254

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    no one the ud rewards are the thick promo cards you get in the packs that have a scratch off

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    I sent you a pm about the topps cards a few days ago, still need them??

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    yeah but i have nothing to trade you like remember
    if your interested in any rcs just lmk

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