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Thread: question about 12/13 artifacts

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    question about 12/13 artifacts

    figured there had to be a reason but i cant fathom why...

    12/13 artifacts # 28 malkin emerald /99 bv 12.00
    12/13 artifacts # 28 malkin saphire /85 bv 10.00

    checked a few other notables and this seems to be standard
    guess print run doesn't always matter
    any ideas?

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    Probably due to Artifacts more than generous use of parallel cards.

    12-13 Artifacts has 16 parallels for Malkin. Only one parallel (/125) is numbered higher than the /85 and /99. Also, the /85 and /99 do not have memorablia pieces which 12 of the 16 parallels have.
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    Funny that the /99 would have a higher BV than the /85 - when they're essentially the same card, only one is more limited (and the 'more limited' has a lower value)

    There are three things I can come up with that would explain why the /99 is worth more than the /85:

    1. If you actually believe them, price guides look at confirmed sales, and take that market data to come up with a "book value". This would tell me that confirmed sales of the parallel /99 are higher than the parallel /85. Maybe there are more people trying to put together the set /99 than /85, and it keeps prices a little bit higher?

    2. The price guide simply uses a formula to deterime what a card is worth, and something about the number of parallels in this set made that forumla do something goofy.

    3. It's a typeo. They switched the prices.
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    from 30RANFORDFAN

    # 1 seems logical based on past beckett experiences

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