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    A "Great" Box of 12/13 SPGU Hockey

    Got a box of this years SPGU, and I believe this is the best box I have ever opened in my life and ever will be, it was "great"

    Here are some of the hits.

    Jake Allen Authentic Rookie Auto (#143)

    Authentic Fabrics Dual Dustin Brown & Dustin Penner (AF2-DD) - Pretty neat card with the captin of the 2012 Stanley Cup Champs!

    Authentic Fabrics Tyler Seguin (AF-TS) - Not my favourite team but hey, I wont complain getting a Tyler Seguin jersey card

    Authentic Fabrics Carey Price (AF-CP) - My favourite team and favourite player, This is the first time EVER pulling a jersey card of him, never pulled an autograph yet either, Only pulled base & inserts finally a step up, Cool swatch too with stiching and a 2 colour jersey.









    Supreme Sticks Wayne Gretzky 11/12 (#SS-WG)

    I've never owned any memoribillia of Mr Gretzky and now I do this was a very "great" box!

    I've checked and and had 2 completed sales of $350 (Buy it now) + $416.00 (bids)

    So 50/50 if I should sell or keep this beauty!

    Thanks for checking my thread out guys..



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    Tyler, you hit the jackpot man!! PLUS a Carey Price with a nice loose thread, PLUS a Jake Allen who looks like a keeper in net for the Blues.........and then there's that sad sadddd Seguin hahahaaaa!

    I've only ever had 3 or 4 amazing pulls from packs, I could never part with them, they're like my babies. Buying or trading for something huge and then it arrives is one thing, but PULLING something like can you part with the rush you got, the FEELING??

    Just my is money n' all heh.
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    Haha, Thanks man!

    I was very pleased with the box my self and yeah I know it's a pretty epic card of the great himself..but just knowing how much it's worth just drives me crazy! But like I said I am 50/50 it might look good in my case dont got really any other cards besides Habs PC so this might be a great change..Thanks again!

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    Wow, that's a card I'd keep even though I never keep anything I don't collect. Good old Titan TPM2020. Congrats!

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    Thanks I am still thinking about keeping it, Tough call for sure!

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    It comes down to how much attachment you have to it. If it's a card you really love, keep it. If you'd rather have a different kind of Gretz GU card, you could likely sell it, and spend half that money back into another Gretzy GU. Then you've still got a Gretz GU, all the other hits, and have paid for all, or almost all of the box.. making all those cards, in essence "free"
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    We'll I've checked eBay and there are 2 completed sales for the exact same card one being $416...and other being $350...I only paid $135 for the box so all the hits would be free and would also have a bunch of spending cash for PC.

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    That is a great piece from the old "Titan" brand of sticks that Wayne used before switching to the Easton aluminums. I'd keep it! That's probably an Oilers era stick piece right there judging by the red ink. ... keeper! lol
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    There is no possible way on earth you could have gotten a better box than that! Congratulations!
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    someone with money could buy anything..


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