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    Help please - which card to buy? Yzerman RC as gift

    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum, and joined as I am looking to purchase some Yzerman stuff including cards for my BF. I've been doing a lot of research so I think I know some of the basics of hockey cards, but I'm far from knowing which is the best deal to get...

    I'm looking for a Yzerman rookie card ATM, amongst other things he might like. I have a couple of options, all within the same price point. Which is the best for me to purchase for him from a collector's point of view, and future value?

    All OPC Rookies - either a Becketts 9 OPC rookie, a PSA 9 OPC rookie, or a PSA/DNA signed OPC rookie?

    I was thinking he'd like the signed card more as he has a few pieces of signed memorabilia already, but I'm not sure... is the value degraded by the autograph?

    Thank you all in advance for your opinions!

    (and, if anyone has any HIGH graded Yzerman stuff for sale, you can let me know!)

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    I would get him the OPC beckett graded card. beckett is usually known as a tougher grader.

    I think he might want an unsigned card but it really is based on preference. some people like to have cards to be as original as possible and some like to have it with an auto.

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    Thanks jclouie!

    I don't know what his preference would be. He has a pretty huge Yzerman shrine in his house, with some signed stuff, a signed jersey, but I dont think he cares about resale or anything... ie. he has his jerseys hanging exposed from his rafters. I think he's more about the 'coolness' factor of the stuff he has than not. I'm not about to ask him, its going to be a birthday gift :)

    I know Beckett is the tougher grader... but since its a 'vintage' card, isn't PSA 'preferred"? (again, just going on my research!)

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    Well i don't think you can go wrong either way since it's from his girl friend. (i would love something like this from my girl friend).

    In my own opinion (i'm sure there are other opinions about this), i still consider the yzerman rookie card as a more of recent card then to categorize it as a "vintage card" and I've always been a little bit more partial towards beckett graded cards.

    if it was me i would like the opc beckett card.

    if you are looking for other cool cards he might like, i would consider looking at cards from dominion because they do have a lot of cool concepts like signed game used hockey tape cards, signed game used sticks and even cards signed by him as the GM of the Tampa bay lightning.

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    If the card were for me, id want the Beckett 9 OPC Yzerman rookie.

    Cards are always a great gift =)!
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    Another vote for the Beckett graded 9 RC.

    A signed Yzerman RC would just be an in-person auto anyway (unless there's a buyback I don't know about?)
    Personally If I wanted a signed Yzerman card, I would go and pick out a nice one from an autograph set instead of an in-person that someone else went and got. IP autos are much nicer in your collection if you're the one who got the IP done.

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    What is an 'in person auto'? I get the 'in person' part.... no brainer... but the auto?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whippetlovr View Post
    What is an 'in person auto'? I get the 'in person' part.... no brainer... but the auto?
    an in person auto is just when you actually get to have him personally sign the card, so it also allows you to meet him. It makes it a little more personal. If someone else got it signed in person, it lacks the actual event, personally for me its not a huge deal, but I can see the rational

    also, I'd go Beckett 9.0 :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by whippetlovr View Post
    What is an 'in person auto'? I get the 'in person' part.... no brainer... but the auto?

    Autograph :D

    I vote for the Beckett as well, thicker slab, nicer looking, to me anyways............
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