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    A very very bad day...sell me something to make my evening a little better...

    As many of you know I have been battling cancer for a year and things have been looking up. Went to the Dr today to review my CT scan. Well, they found 2 spots on my liver. More tests are needed, but this is the worst case scenario for me. Keeping my fingers crossed and I'll find out more next week.

    But for now, I have a few dollars. I'd like to buy something of Bill Dudley or some type of minis for my boys. Any sport. I am interested in any type of minis but would love to pick up a couple of mini autos of some sort for each one.

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    I'll be praying for you...believe for a healing! God is good!!!

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    Wow sorry to hear this Chris hope it all turns out alright.
    If your interested in selling Im interested in the K. Moore chrome you told me about.
    I also have a Mini regular topps Dez Bryant I can send you if you need it.

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    Thanks guys! PM coming Jeremy

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    hang in there my friend!
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    Hang tough and battle this you can get thru
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    Thanks guys, I'm a tryn' I won't stop fighting. Just dissapointing today.

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    Get well soon!!!
    I was at my LCS in Chantilly VA today and they pulled a Bill Dudley cut auto 1/1..

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    Hey Chris, sorry to hear buddy, good luck with everything, you'll get through it, wish i could help you out on what youre looking for but ive got none!

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