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    good luck my have alot of prayers going out for you

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    Thanks guys! and PM sent about the Dudley 1/1!! LOL

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    Hey Chris, I am sorry to hear about the bad news, and I just wanted to say that my wife had breast cancer 10 years ago, and she also had just one spot on her liver and one spot on her lung as well, and the chemo and radiation therapys stopped the progression and as of now there are no spots on either....MOSTLY I just wanted you to know that since we (kinda) LOL know each and have for a while now, there are people even in your life that have had and may still be going through what you are, and you can beat it my friend, I know the feeling that you had(have) today, not exactly the same being my wife as opposed to it being me(which I prayed over and over for a long time that I take her cancer she live on healthy) ... -BUT- she is still by my side and she will be 40 next month, so I really want you to know that you can and will beat this, your a great person Chris, and bad things often happen to good people, for whatever reason I wont speculate and force you to read anymore of my babble, but just know that you and your family are in our hearts and prayers, and you will beat this, one day at a time, just keep your head up buddy, I know its hard sometimes(a lot when you are going through treatments) but your a strong man, continue to be strong and stay positive, your exactlly the type of person who does beat cancer, a good man, good husband and father, good friend, you always have been to me, and these are just my opinions of a guy I have never met face to face, but there is very little I wouldnt do for ya man, if you need anything, even if you just want to talk, shoot me a PM and I will give you my cell number if you want...I mostly just want you to know it can be beaten, and it has happened to someone you know (kinda LOL) so you just hang in there man, and keep your eyes on the mailbox, I am gonna send you every mini I can dig up ... I know you got most of them a while back but I think I found a few since then and I want you to give them to your boys, and I am sending some other stuff with the minis so plmk when you get them ... AND STAY POSITIVE BUDDY

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    Hope all is well man, I'll send up a pray to the guy upstairs for you..stay strong

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    Keep strong chris.
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    If you wanna buy something from me and wont pay right away plmk before we complete the deal. Thanks

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    Chris: my brother AllSet24 told me the news when I got home from work tonite and I was in complete disbelief. We are all thinking about you and if you are feeling down please please PM me and we can talk. We wish we could do more for the best member on the boards...stay strong man
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    R.I.P. chajones

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    praying for you
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    Keep fighting man, and bump this up to help a guy out!

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    Chris, thoughts and prayers are with you for sure!

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