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    Chris, you will be in our prayers. Don't have anything on your wants list. Just got back to collecting a couple months back. Don't have a big collection. Gave most if it away this past Christmas. My son was killed by a drunk driver 8yrs ago on his 17th birthday and I just stopped collecting since he was gone. May have some cards your son would like and would send them free. No big 1/1 autos to offer or "diamond dusted game used jersey refractors", but maybe it will be something he would like. For me I collect some things but give a lot away to kids of co-workers and friends for good grades, birthdays, etc. Just PM me and let me know who he likes and I'll see what I can send. If it puts a smile on his face then hopefully the smile will come to you. Give a kid a "meaningless" card and that card finds a new meaning. Stay strong, God Bless you and your family because this kind of thing affects all.
    In your header you mention the word "perspective"... couldn't be more appropriate! A bad day at work, a bad pack pull, a bent card, "no responses to a post for my fabulous cards that everybody should want", doesn't compare with things that are truly important. I learned about perspective 8yrs ago and reading your post reinforced it. Thank you for your post and my renewed perspective for today.
    If it's alright with you will ask my father, 90yrs old and still preaching to a country church in KY, to add you and your family to their prayer list.
    Galatians 6:9
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    Rick, thank you so much for the response and to everyone who has commented and/or is keeping me in their thoughts and prayers and I'm always appreciateive to be on anyone's prayer list.

    I cannot imagine losing my son. That must have been crushing. I don't know how anyone every recovers from such an incident. But obviosuly you have managed somehow and that is inspiring. Thank you for your message, it will help me through the day.

    Dan, I know your wife's story and it is inspiring to me. And the fact that she had spots elswhere and is still here is exactly what I need to hear right now! That's amazing and makes me know that it is possible. I love it! Tell her she is helping get through this.

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    And mods, feel free to move this. I know it has drifted far away from the buying lol. It won't hurt my feelings if it needs to be moved.

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    Chris, I am really happy that you found resolve in my words, she is here with me now talking about all the stuff we went through and what you are going through, she really knows a lot about all the different cancers out there, so if you have any questions or anything at all you are curious about shoot me a PM and if you want to ask her anything she wants me to PM you her email address and she would be happy to talk to you and answer any questions she can for you, its cool if you want to email her, and if you wanna talk or text I will also PM our cell #'s and we have unlimited everything so I have no problem calling or texting if you need anything, anyway, PM coming buddy, BTW ... if you are still looking to buy any cards you can peek at my bucket, not too much new stuff in there yet but at least its up to date LOL

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    Dan, I got the day off like I hoped - we got just enough snow to shut down the schools and I sure needed the day. I told my wife about your wife and some other stories that people shared with me. It helped a lot. Then the mailman came by and dropped off the $1200 bill for my CT scan LOL. So I've switched from buying to selling really quickly!

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    Sorry to hear Chris. We all know you'll get through it no problem though :)

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