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    Sports Illustrated top 10 All Time NCAA players

    Yesterday I received my March 6th Sports Illustrated copy with SI naming the top 10 All Time Greatest NCAA Tournament players so I thought it would be fun to show some of my autographs of their top 10

    # 10 Jerry West

    # 9 Laettner

    # 8 Magic Johnson

    # 7 Bill Bradley

    # 6 Wilt

    # 5 Larry Bird-- same picture as in the article

    # 4 Oscar Robertson

    # 3 Bill Russell - same picture they used in the article. Red auto limited to only five

    # Bill Walton

    I will post another picture of Walton but this card with Wooden is one of my favorites.

    # 1 Lew / Kareem

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    If you would have to pick just 10, that's a pretty decent list.

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    I don't say this because I am a Celtcs fan, but if you want to review some interesting history of one of the best all-time college players take a look at Robert Parrish's collegiate career. Unfortunately due to some seemingly unfair politics his college stats are "Pete Rose'd". He averaged around 21 and 16 for his career.

    Sweet cards! I don't always like the non-NBA cards, but these are all done really well. The focus of many of the cards is the player and auto in a vet artistic way. Nice collection.

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    No Chris Jackson? One of the best at his position ever in college.

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