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    8 T205 cards (I think) .....what are they worth?

    I found these 8 cards in a drawer and I am wondering what kind of value they have...anyone with a rough idea?

    are they worth grading? they don't look to be in too great of condition to me but I am not sure what the standard is for something 100+ years old.

    I am pretty amazed that these are over 100 years old so that in and of itself is very cool!

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    Definitely not worth getting graded IMO.

    1909-11 T206 #109 GAVVY CRAVATH ML

    Believe they are T206 not T295. Anything else just ask.

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    They are a nice group of t206 Southern Leaguers. I actually think that they would be worth grading!

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    i think getting them graded/authenicated would help with a resell personally

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