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Thread: Whats a 1/1 worth?

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    Whats a 1/1 worth?

    Hey everyone, I have a Carl Hagelin The Cup rookie 1/1, and was wondering your guy's honest opinion on what it may be worth? SV, and TV? Any imput would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    any opinions today? Thanks

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    A Dominion Laundry Tag 1/1 went for $69 on eBay a Hagelin collector, I'd guess lots? Not much help, sorry, there just isn't a lot to campare it to.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by thorni2 View Post
    Around 750$ SV for Kalle Haagelin.
    Would it really be more than twice the price paid for his younger and more prolific teammate, Derek Stepan?

    I could be wrong, but $750 seems very optimistic unless a lot of Swedish fans get in a bidding war.

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    1 of 1's are tough to judge prices for its all in what the sell and buyer agree on and how much people wanna pay or trade for them

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    If you can get $750 for it take it and run to the bank!!
    If you ran it on Ebay for a 7 or 10 day auction you might get 200-300

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeFitzpatrick View Post
    If you can get $750 for it take it and run to the bank!!
    If you ran it on Ebay for a 7 or 10 day auction you might get 200-300
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    I would say 100-150 in an ebay auction.
    What i know there is not any hardcore hagge collectors in Sweden.
    Would probably go to a rangersfaan.

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    I have been lucky enough to land a couple of 1/1s from my various pack/box breaks with no takers whatsoever. Then again those weren't of the greatest of players either. In all honesty I think the popularity of parallels in general has died out in a lot of sports especially hockey and they only seem to be really popular with basketball with the entire PMG craze. Your card is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, but it's a 1/1 and the only card of Hagelin out there, so I would just keep it unless you get absolutely floored with an offer.

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