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    If they aren't good enought to make a team thats one thing, but to totally dismiss them I think is wrong. You also stated that they shouldn't be coaches, what does having to be big fast and strong have to do with that? Do you not think they can be as smart and know the X's and O's as well as a man can?
    They weren't only commenting about women participating on the field. They are clearly discriminating.
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    Geez this thread has so much fail it isn't even funny.I think it is right up there with the Little Rascals He Man Women haters club.
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    This is just a pathetic argument overall. If a girl has the same or more talent as a man, why couldn't they participate? Yuur argument about reporters even, that's even worse. There are some great female sports reporters out there, Erin Andrews, Hannah Storm, etc. Why would they have to stay out of sports?

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    The OP is doing this as a joke, right? It has to be a goof. No one can be that utterly narrow-minded in real life.

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    Female here, and I can actually see the OP's point, at least to an extent, particularly on the playing field. Yes, the very top women could probably compete with some men in a few pro sports - Brittney Griner comes to mind in basketball - but is that the best sort of situation for them? Why have Griner on the bench for an NBA team when she could rip up the WNBA and perhaps become the Wilt Chamberlain of the league?

    I say this as a 5'2" female who sometimes plays against guys locally at the Y without embarrassing myself - provided there is someone on the opposing team whose height is similar to mine. :) But it's preferable to play on a more level playing field. As opposed to race, there are clearly differences between men and women as far as average height and body composition. It's simply very difficult for men and women to play together at the highest levels due to those physical differences.

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    not narrow-minded,my point is what this young girl said,as far as a woman competing in mens baseball-football-golf on the playing field or managing sorry to much at stake for the these mens sports,they compete in all sports and fight for our country and they deserve equal pay for doing the same job,so my point is let these sports alone do not change anything.


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    have you seen college rugby? some of those women are very well built to take hits, so I would be hesitant to say that all women can't take a hit. And with golf, there is no doubt in my mind Annika could have won a major in the men's PGA, maybe not as many as she did on the LPGA, but you don't need to bomb the golfball to win a British Open, which is why Greg Norman and Tom Watson have come close in recent years. Tennis as well, I would bet that Sharapova can take down many of the men, maybe not the top 5-10, but still, she would at the very least make an impact. Sure it's rare for a female to have the physicality that is demanded in male dominated sports, but to say that all of them have no place in sports is a little strange. But to each their own
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    This post is sad, if a women earns her place in a dugout or sideline she has every right to be there.

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    no freaken way leave the mens sport alone period

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    Jesus, it's 2013. You'd think the idea of equality would've reached everyone by now...If you can perform as an athlete or reporter or whatever you'd like then you should be allowed to. I don't care if you're a man, woman, both, neither, gay, straight, black, white, purple, alien, or anything else. Ability is ability regardless of any other factor. Just my thought.

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