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Thread: Coolest Patches!

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    Coolest Patches!

    Hey guys,

    I have seen a thread like this on many forums. Just wanted to liven it up and see everyone's cool patches.

    Show us your Coolest Patch Card. I will start.

    I acquired this in trade yesterday.

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    Very nice card and a fun idea. I look forward to seeing what our members will be sharing.


    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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    Pulled this out of a single pack in 2011. not the best patch but my heart stopped when i saw it
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    link doesnt work buddy. But would sure love to see it. Lets get these patches flowin!

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    this is the best one I have. I'll post some of my faves tomorrow though.

    Looking for Cowboys, Andy Dalton & TCU guys(Tomlinson, Doctson, Boykin, etc.)
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    Sweet cards so far guys. I'm gonna break the best patch rule and show a couple cause they are from the same set.

    And possibly the coolest card I own:
    Collecting Eddie George and Titans

    Completing a master set of 2003 Playoff Prestige
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    bcw - that is a sweet patch
    rchurch - NICE LOGO! I bet that cost ya a pretty penny.

    Cmon guys I know you have sick patches out there!

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    2000 Fleer GREATS OF THE GAME
    2001 Topps XFL
    2005 Upper Deck AFL
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