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Thread: the new photobucket

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    the new photobucket

    how in the heck do u move pics around inside a folder?..figured u would just drag and drop but that doesnt work

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    i would like to know how to link
    your bucket to scf [can do 1 card at a time]

    GOT IT!!!!!
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    I have moved to smugmug. Problem solved.

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    The feature is currently under construction and will be coming soon according to the bottom under "In Organizer Mode".

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    Photobucket is getting worse and worse it seems. I have never used another site to upload all my card pics but am starting to ponder it. Problem is I've spent hours uploading all my thousands of pictures and really don't feel like starting from scratch on a new host.
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    got flickr....gonna have to pay for it..but i may just do it...uploaded a good bit of stuff...then i get a message saying ur met your 300 mb per month limit....6 bucks a quarter to upgrade to pro for unlimited....i like it so far other than gonna have to pay for it....user friendly for sure....
    heres what i got.....what do u think?

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    I might end up paying.........have not moved everything yet, so we'll see. Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the "new" photobucket.

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