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    Prizm Hobby... why i thought there were 2 RC's in every pack, SCANS

    This was from a few weeks back but havent been online since.

    I was seriously shying away from $7 a pack stuff with only 2 Autos in the box, especially after the owner told me a young guy busted 17 packs from a fresh box to hit the 1st Auto. He ended up buying the last 3 packs also.

    So shop owner offers to open a fresh box and gives me 3 packs for $20...

    Pack 1:

    And my "2nd" Rookie card...

    Pack 2:

    And my "2nd" Rookie card...

    Pack 3:

    And my final "2nd" Rookie card...

    Needless to say, i haven't bought a single pack of this since.

    Thanks for the read,


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    not bad at all
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    you killed that box! Congrats!


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    Hey Kevin!! Man You Did REALLY Good. 1 Nice RC & 2 Auto's Out Of 3 Packs Of Card's. I'd Like To Pull Packs Like That. LOL

    Thanks, John

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    Weeden is sweet.
    Life is too short to worry. Bust some packs and just smile!

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    The rgiii might be the short print actually supposed to be if you get 2 base rookies in a single pack one is short printed i did that and had the luck

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    The only thing left in the box is the red prizm since you got the sp rookie and both autos! Bet he was pissed that you killed his box:)

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    Great stuff man!
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