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    Busted a Box of 2012 Strata and 2012 Certified....Finally Hit Big

    I have not had some boxes in a long time. I finally got the money and the time to go to the local card shop. I finally get some luck, not Luck, just got some luck.

    How weird is it to get 2 boxes. In both boxes a rookie qb appears twice.

    2012 Strata
    1st Hit

    2nd Hit...a QB with potential

    3rd Hit...a QB with potential haha...also JSY#

    then 2012 Certified
    1st Hit

    2nd Hit

    3rd Hit ... a QB that is a little more than potential with one with a chance after Peyton

    4th Hit .... that QB showed up again ....... 2/25

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    sweet Tannehill and great Griffin!


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    Hey Ryan!! First Off I'd Like To "WELCOME" Ya To SCF. Ya Came To THE BEST Trading Card Site On The Net. That Tannehill & RG3 Are Really Sweet Looking Card's. CONGRATS On The Pulls!!! Did Ya Pull Any Insert's Or RC's from The Box. I'm Always Looking For Newer Tradebait Card's.

    Thanks, John

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    Sharp patch on the Tannehill and very nice RGIII!

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    If RG3 is available please CMB!!! Thanks!! Congrats on both breaks.. Really sharp cards!!
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    If tannehill is for sale pm me prices please

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    dang u cleaned up!! Congrats!
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    All About The Bush
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    Nice Tannehills! Dang, I wish I had that kind of luck. I very rarely pull good Dolphins..
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    I collect all current Miami Dolphins. Specific Player collections: Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Brian Griese, Howie Long/Chris Long, Adrian Peterson
    I only ship in the USA! NO EXCEPTIONS!

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