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Thread: Price/Roy NHL Ink Gold /10

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    Price/Roy NHL Ink Gold /10

    Have this very nice card for trade. Im looking for Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos, Gretzky or Henrik Lundqvist. I will not trade down and I only want to trade for 1 card.

    No BV because its numbered to 10. None have sold on Ebay so I'm setting my own SV at 250 Bu willing to listen to offers :)

    Also have this for trade

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    Please CMB for both thanks
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    Pm th e Sv you are looking for the RNH. TY

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    Bump it is pending as I pm'd those who have something I like, still willing to listen to some more offers.

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    Interested. Look if something can interest you in my bucket. Thx
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    Hi - CMB please and PM me if you see anything. Thanks.

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