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Thread: my football cards f/t f/s

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    Smile my football cards f/t f/s

    Hey guys, I have been collections cards for a while and have decided to trade of sale the cards in my collection. All of the cards are base with some inserts, #ed(but not many) cards range from the mid 80's to present. Some rookie cards. some GU in my bucket are for trade(bucket has not been updated though).
    Im trading for Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez cards.

    Just name your team - player or whatever and I will check my collection
    can trade indivdual cards or lots just let me know (lets try for more than 1 card at a time)
    If you have GU LMK I might buy!

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    L. Mccoy
    12 topps
    11 topps
    10 R&S
    10 topps
    11 R&S
    J. Maclin
    12 score
    12 prestige
    11 gridiron gear
    10 R&S
    11 absolute mem
    11 topps
    D. Jackson
    12 score
    12 topps
    12 prestige
    08 score
    11 absolute mem.
    09 phili fball
    09 donruss elite
    D. Allen crown royal JSY /149
    C. Kaepernick
    11 score
    TY Hilton prestige extra points, 12 topps
    will have to look to see if I have more of these players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aknot View Post
    Thanks for the reply but I already have those. How bout Ryan Tannehill?
    I have a press pass
    UD star rookies
    leaf draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by coxnick93 View Post
    I have a press pass
    UD star rookies
    leaf draft
    Will need to check when I get home will post later today.

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    What 70's or early '80 Cowboys do you have?? Excluding Proset . Might also be intersted in Peyton and Eli Manning
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    looking for Saints

    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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    Looking for Broncos...thanks!
    Looking for ALL Broncos cards in a Broncos uniform (no college unis and other teams ex. not Champ in Washington, etc) Check out my bucket:Hidden Content
    Check out my trade list by clicking ~> Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrpiratejack View Post
    What 70's or early '80 Cowboys do you have?? Excluding Proset . Might also be intersted in Peyton and Eli Manning
    Surprisingly I don't have those years. Some late 80's a lot of 90's and some 2000's
    98 collectors edge /6000
    08 topps (white)
    12 prestige
    08 UD 1st edition
    09 R&S
    07 topps ring of honor
    08 topps (black)
    09 donruss classics
    11 absolute mem.
    09 icons
    09 draft edition
    10 R&S
    06 fleer
    06 topps allpro
    10 absolute mem.
    eli listed in an earler post

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    Quote Originally Posted by slash711 View Post
    interested in the tony mandrich auto and the farve 420 #90. thanks
    Mandrich is a ttm auto (LMK if you still want it)
    Got any new falcons base?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChalkItUp21 View Post
    looking for Saints
    Former saints
    Have more LMK
    Current Saints
    Brees-10topps,10R&S,08UD,11toppsgameday,10absolutemem,09 R&S,09toppstown,11absolutemem,11gridirongear,12sco re
    Colston-10epix,08UD,11absolutemem,11topps,09classics,09phi li,08UD,12toppsmagic
    I have a 2011 crown royal Mark Ingram patch auto if interested
    Drew Brees JSY (piece of chargers jsy)
    Donte Stallworth JSY

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