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    49 dollars for grant fuhr autos oilers uni only

    looking to add grant fuhr autos to my new fuhr pc. onky have 49 dollars and id prefer to get a ciuple and they have to be in oiler uniform .let me know thanks

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    I have his 11-12 Cup Enshrinements Auto fresh from Upper Deck... PM me if you're interested.


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    have a 10-11 sp game used inked sweaters /50 of grant fuhr,other oilers but more expensive, have a 10-11 luxury suite rookie patch auto /199 i think 3-4clr magnus paajarvi for 49 shipped pm me if interested on the fuhr or that one and if you want a list of all of them

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    sorry greenthings i already got that one, eqsports pm sent

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    I have the sp game used fuhr gold parallel base auto

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