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Thread: Which hobby box should I get?

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    Which hobby box should I get?

    Can't decide between Prestige or Totally Certified. I want to know your guys thoughts on why I should get whichever box. Is it good to get hobby boxes on eBay? What sellers should I buy from on eBay?

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    no, no and no

    lol DA or blowout

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    Atlanta sports cards is good too.. There usually the cheapest
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    Totally certified is the better choice in my mind...

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    Go with Totally Certified - more bang for the buck. Prestige is more of a low-mid end set. Avoid boxes on eBay and get it from one of the other sites mentioned, or Charm City Cards. I've always used CCC or DA without any issues.

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    Totally certified, you get more hits, more fun to open,flashier cooler cards. Prestige is boring looking and you are likely going to end up with autos of rookies that are no longer in the league, etc.

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