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    It's My Birthday - Want a nice henrique off the wantlist

    subtracted my wantlist out of my Henrique database. Thought the bonus has been put into my account so now is a good time to see if I can buy myself a nice Christmas gift.

    I will also look at any 1/1's.
    Feel free to pm me and let me know what you have:
    11-12 Ultimate Rookies Patch Auto /25
    2011-12 The Cup Gold Spectrum Rc /25
    2011-12 The Cup Trios Patch (Larsson, Kinkaid) /10
    2011-12 The Cup Foundations Patch Auto /5
    2011-12 The Cup Programme of Excellence Dual Auto (Eberle) /5
    2011-12 The Cup Rookie Evolution
    2012-13 OPC
    2012-13 OPC Rainbow Foil
    2012-13 OPC Rainbow Black /100
    2012-13 OPC Blank Back
    2012-13 Upper Deck Silver Skates Gold

    11-12 Limited Phenoms Gold Spotlight /10
    11-12 Elite Rookies Status Gold /10
    11-12 Elite New Breed Patch Auto /5
    11-12 RC Anthology Luxury Suite RCs /99
    11-12 RC Anthology Treasures Patches /15
    11-12 Prime Time Rookies Auto Patch /5
    12-13 Score Black Ice
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    Most Wanted Card:
    10/11 Burmistrov Certified Auto Rc Jersey /499 Redemption

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    Happy B Day
    Looking for tough guys and fighters show me what you gotHidden Content
    ********I CAN ONLY PAY WITH CANADIAN CASH***********

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