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    how bout this? just kidding, my darned bucket not cooperating..hang on. im gonna get this

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    I could do a Vernon Davis NT auto /15 and a ur choice of 2 Sterling GUs.

    Sterling to choose from: Pettigrew, Keller, S. Smith, Jackson, Gates, Forte

    Scans can be found in here.
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    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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    Let me know tonight if you can. I appreciate it.
    Looking to trade for or buy these low end letterman cards. This is a project, not looking to trade for great players, and not trading my good players away. Thank you! 2-D, 1-N
    Please, just return a reply or pm, even if just to say no thanks.
    Bucket's Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content

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    Kconeil, nothing was ever in trade manager.
    Grims, you had a good deal, thanks for the offer.
    Spent money on ebay, thanks for all the offers. might have more to spend come monday.

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