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Thread: 2012 Topps Supreme

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    2012 Topps Supreme

    2012 Topps Supreme

    Per Box Items:
    1 pack
    4 cards

    The standard sized base set cards are thicker than other sets. The cards feature a full color action shot of the player superimposed gray stylized and patterned graphic. The border-less cards have the play name, team name and position centered on the card bottom. The cards are trimmed in gold foil and have serial numbering right below the set logo. The card backs are photo-less. The card backs list moderate biographical information, last year's and career statistics and moderate career highlights. The backs also depict a color team logo.

    What I Pulled:
    4 cards
    2 base set cards #/462
    1 Green parallel #/15
    1 quad relic RC autograph #/10

    Base card front and back:

    The Insert:
    Tom Brady Green Parallel #14/15

    The Hit:
    Dwayne Allen quad relic autograph #7/10

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******

    2012 Topps Supreme is a high end product. There are lots of RC and tons of colored variations to chase. I really like the design and feel of the cards. You know you are hold a high end product when you look at it. I did not rate a singe box on base set collect-ability because busting enough to get the complete base set is really not an option. The foil wrapper the cards were in and the pack itself were both pretty loose inside the velvet lined box. I would have liked to seen a little better protection offered inside the box for this expensive of a product.

    The Bottom Line:

    I give 2012 Topps Supreme a buy rating. If you absolutely need to bust a high end pack go for it. Knowing that you will get a multi-relic and or a multi-autographed card is pretty exciting. Otherwise you can just pick up the singles you want.

    The Final Score:
    Final Ratings (Out of 10):
    Base set collect-ability: NA
    Big-hit Hunter: 8/10
    Prospector Hunter: 10/10
    Value: 7/10
    Overall Quality: 9/10

    Overall: 34/40 (85% = B)

    Topps sent me this box to review for Full Spectrum Baseball. As always I am offering base cards to members here for a SASE.

    Thanks to Topps for making this review possible!
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    I'll take the Brady. Who was the other base?

    EDIT: Guess you may not be giving it away since it just says "base for SASE?"

    EDIT AGAIN: Never mind - just noticed the top pic was two different players. I'm an idiot ;)
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    Hey Buddy!! LMK How I Can Get My Hands On That Dwayne Allen. I Would LOVE To Add That Card To My PC.

    Thanks, John

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    nice Allen and Brady!


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