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    Have BOTH Gold Prizm /10! LOOK!!!

    Very awesome way to start my day! Expensive to get both of these but knew if I didn't get them as soon as possible they would be locked away in a collection forever... Now they are!

    Both /10


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    Thanks man!!!! :)

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    Nice, only a handfull of other people have these cards.

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    Thanks man! I am glad to have both!

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    gold prizm's are a thing of beauty!!
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    Agreed!!! 10-20 Years from now I wonder how hot they'll be??? I loved this set!!!!

    We all go crazy for 90's rare stuff... maybe later in life these will be crazier than they already are haha.
    Golds /10 rule

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    Thanks a lot man!

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    What a sick pair of Iverson Gold refractors /10!!!! I hope these Gold Prizm refractors turn out to be the PMG's of the late 90's or at least the x-fractors of Topps stock. But really an awesome 2 cards of AI.

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