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    I'm meeting Bo Jackson...what do I say?

    I've heard that Bo is kind of a jerk at autograph shows...anybody have any advice on what to say when I meet him? My. son is coming with me so that should help...his name is Jackson....pretty sure that's gotta be a little creepy that I named my son after him...but I figured maybe that's what I'll ask..."is it creepy that I named my son after you?" Anybody else met him at a show?

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    dont ask him if its creepy just say that you why you named your son after him. dont call him Bo as if you are one of his friends or have known him for a long time. give him a little respect and call him mr jackson
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    When I was in middle school, Bo was doing some program for students in our state and we went on a field trip. They had obstacle courses and stuff and he talked about life and sports. Seemed like a nice guy when dealing with us kids.

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    Awesome! I don't remember where I read he doesn't seem to like the shows, but these posts are getting me more excited. I can't wait!

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    Just say hey how are you doing? I'm a big fan of yours.
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    I have the same question for when I meet Johnny Bench next month (heard he's kind of a butt also)........LOL
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    Lol..this is awesome.
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    Start off by telling him he's pretty hip.

    But seriously have a blast. Nothing like meeting your all time favs
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    I met him at a show and commented on his softball game during the mlb all-star weekend. He was a little standoffish, but I've dealt with bigger jerks (Cris Carter, and king of jerks Joe Montana).
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