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Thread: James Neal for sale

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    James Neal for sale

    I have a pretty big James Neal collection that I am putting up for sale/trade. The best way to get with me is through PM. Please PM me with your offer. Here are a few of the ones I have available. I have a lot of the lower end rookies but didn't upload their pics.

    Thanks for the look

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    LMK what you are looking for on the 08/09 Limited Logos please.

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    also prices on
    future watch patch
    the cup /10 and /5
    and other ultimate rc auto
    o pee chee patch /15

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    bump for tonight. working on a couple of things. Will also trade for Cup ARPs that I might need.

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    bump, lmk what you want

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    been awhile, but bump for the weekend

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    Let me know if u sell any cards for 14usd, or if u can find anything to trade for here:

    i got loads of ovie and backstrom cards there

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