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Thread: 3 boxes of 2012 SP Authentic

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    3 boxes of 2012 SP Authentic

    I have had some nice luck break SP this years. Here's a recap of the boxes ive broke so far:

    Box 1:

    Tim Tebow 94 SP Die Cut
    Dan Persa Auto
    Bernard Pierce Auto
    Justin Blackmon 3 color Patch/Auto /425


    Box 2:

    Stephen Gilmore Sign of the Times Auto
    Kellen Moore/Doug Martin Sign of the Times Dual Auto /35
    LaMichael James 2 color Patch/Auto /885



    Box 3:

    Robert Griffin III Canvas Collection
    Greg Childs Sign of the Times Auto
    Jarrett Lee Auto

    And the the case hit..............Robert Griffin III Patch/Auto redemption!!!!!

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    Sweet hit on the Moore/Martin dual they sure are nice cards. Congrats
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    great boxes!


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    if the Moore/Martin dual is available let me know.

    Nice break btw
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    sweet hits. I would say sell the RG3. I don't trust UD with redemptions
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    If vikings doesn't take it, please CMB for the Moore/Martin and PM me if we can work out a deal!
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    CMB for the LMJ auto, nice break!
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    yeah, nice hit on the RG3, but I would sell the redemption card too. He may be out of FB before UD gets it back to you!
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    If you can't work something out with nlau, let me know what you're looking for, for the LMJ. Also lmk any other Ducks, base or otherwise. Thanks!
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