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Thread: 3 boxes 2012 Contenders

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    3 boxes 2012 Contenders

    So after the poor Pony Express horse died along the way my boxes finally showed up after 7 business days. Hardly worth the wait...
    Lets put the best 1st


    Junk auto's next


    Now the "Good ones"

    21/99 = 1/1 asking $1500 obo

    Only on card



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    Quote Originally Posted by dimsey View Post
    1500 obo?
    That whole 1/1 nonsense cracks me up. Whenever I get a card like that I mark it crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duke74 View Post
    Would you CMB for the Burris Auto. thanks.
    Could do it for the Wilson purple and the Osweiler rc.

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    Sure, Just LMK if you wanted the Oseiler Platinum Rc, Osweiler Topps Chrome 57 Reprint or Osweiler Topps Chrome Red Zone. I'll send with DC but because of work it will be sent out first thing monday morning thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradyfanatic1224 View Post
    Nice 1/1
    Thanks lol. I would take $1400 today

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    Hey!! I Can REALLY Use That Fleener Auto For My Colts PC. LMK What Ya Would Need In Trade OR If Ya Would Sell LMK What Kinda $$ Ya Would Need For It.

    Thanks, John

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    Are both Browns f/t or sell? I am a vols fan even though he only went there a year lol

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