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My man! Pure sickness w/ the sheer volume of cardboard & that last die-cut /5 is ridiculous!! LOVE the new set idea, cuz your so right about the helmets being rare etc., I need to see some that have a bit of the logo so get to work! Find me one w/ the full Lions head on it, K? K! Nice job Ryan & yes the new bucket sucks my arse! Why the hell fix what ain't broken, can you tell me please??
thanks man, im deff looking to find some multi-colored ones but they are alot harder to find then youd think, also they go for a bit more than the plain ones, so I have to pick and choose a bit. I have my eye on a few. Yea idk what to tell you about the new photobucket, the thumbnail pictures are small, all the features were used to are taking forever to get updated to the new site. Just seems like alot more complications for not that much improvement