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    Congrats for getting the mod job, couldn't have went to a better member so I'll join in on the fun. On a side note have the cards arrived yet? They were sent realllllly late so dunno if they got there yet

    Thanks and yer in! And dude, from Florida?? Give it another week at least :(
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    congratz on the mod job! Count me in for the contest

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    I'll join! Thanks!!

    Always looking to trade and sell! Photobucket- Hidden Content /yy

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    color me in, thanks!
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1
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    Congrats on the 'promotion' :)
    Thanks for the contest and count me in!
    Username - 19BackstromCaps19
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    A very awesome card of 2 great players. Please out my name in the hat for that beauty.

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    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
    If you have talent with video editing and would like to join the staff drop me a pm!

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