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    Jermaine Williams Oakland Raiders Game Ball FS/FT

    I have this ball up for sale or trade again. The collector i sold it to fell on hard times and was in desperate need for cash so i bought it back. It's from the Sept. 13 1998 Oakland Raiders (20) / New York Giants (17) game presented to Jermaine Williams. I'm open to any and all offers just as long as it benefits both parties. I mainly collect GU/AUTO cards. LMK.


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    May be interested. How did you acquire it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by adam1bancroft View Post
    May be interested. How did you acquire it?

    ​A good friend of mine who knows Jermaine personally got it for me in 2001.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobreaker50 View Post
    How much are you looking to get for it?

    PM sent

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    ​Nobody??? Come on, my SCF brethren, i know there's somebody here that would like to have this.

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