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    2 Boxes of Contenders and 2 Boxes of Triple Thread

    Well I'm a glutton for punishment so I picked up 2 more boxes of Contenders along with 2 Boxes of Triple Threads. I'll spare the details but was pretty much a disaster of a break. "Hits" only listed. If interested in any inserts lmk via pm.


    Practice Squad Players or WORSE guys not even able to make practice Squad(It's a real shame to have so many of these... this isn't baseball)
    Marc Tyler
    Bobby Rainey.. My 3rd overall of him.
    Case Keenum
    Deangelo Peterson

    The Rest

    Jamell Fleming
    Chandler Jones
    Zach Brown
    Ryan Lindley
    Tyrone Crawford
    Michael Egnew
    Robert Turbin(redemption)
    and lastly 1 Decent card. Alshon Jeffery ROY Contenders Die Cut #'d 02/10

    Triple Threads

    Big Apple Ballers Triple Patch of Eli Manning, David Wilson, and Rueben Randle #'d 15/36
    Mohamed Sanu Rookie Jumbo Relic #'d 45/99
    Mohamed Sanu Rookie Jumbo Relic Sepia Parallel #'d 63/75.. How lucky am I to get 2 Sanu's out of 2 boxes... Off to buy some lotto tickets now
    Trent Richardson Triple Relic Gold Parallel #'d 8/9


    Kendall Wright #'d 84/99
    T.Y. Hilton #'d 41/75
    Dwayne Allen Gold Parallel Base Rookie Auto Relic Redemption /25
    Michael Vick Triple Threads Auto Relic Redemption /18

    All for sale/trade
    Everthing in bucket fs/trade. Always looking for 1993 TF refractors, 1986/87 Fleer Basketball, Nolan Ryan, Magic Johnson, Nice Jax Jaguar stuff, Josh Hamilton, Bryce Harper, Strasburg, RG3, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon for now.
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    Not bad. Nice hit on the Jeffrey Die cut auto. Is the Case Keenum the variation?
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    Hey Patrick!! I'd LOVE To Have That Hilton & Dwayne Allen. They Would Look GREAT In My Colts PC. I Have These 3 Card's If Interested & Also Could Throw In Some $$. If Not Interested In The Card's LMK What Kinda $$ Ya Would Need For Them.

    '12 Absolute Mem. "Star Gazing" GU Jsy #18 Justin Blackmon

    '12 Donruss Elite "New Breed" Ser#101/199 #4 Justin Blackmon

    '12 Topps Inception 4 Clr Patch Ser#175/520 #RP-JB Justin Blackmon

    LMK My Friend If We Can Get Something Worked Up.

    Thanks, John

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    curious, what would you need for the chandler jones?
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    sweet Hilton!


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    what are you asking for the sanus separate and together?

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    Price on the Vick please!
    E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!

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