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Thread: Pac 12 Tournament

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    Pac 12 Tournament

    8x10's or floorboards and who to get? I know im getting Shabazz Muhammed.

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    How about you respond to your PMs???

    You wrote me about Joey Wong Bat but didn't say if you were interested. I've written you three PMs back, but no response.

    - Smitty

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    Personally, I like floorboards if I know I'm gonna get a whole team or the majority of one. When I'm just going for a few players here and there from different teams, I like 8X10s. It's really a personal choice though.

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    hey where do you buy your floorboards? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by pstavrop21 View Post
    hey where do you buy your floorboards? Thanks
    I already told you on my thread. Menards has them for like 37 or 47 cents each or boxes of them for like $12 or something.

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