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    Wrestlemania 15 Stone cold auto plaque FT

    I have an autographed Wrestlemania 15 plaque of Stone Cold Steve Austin that contains also a piece of ring mat. I'm looking for the nicest lots of autos and relics WWE. I'm interested in UFC cards also. I'll try to post a pic of the plaque later as it looks like I have problem with my bucket...hit me up if you're interested
    Please take a look at my cards available for trade or for sale
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  2. 2bros - Topps2017
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    Im interested, can ya pm me a pic of it.
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    would like to see what this thing looks like. sounds kinda cool

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    Pm me I have a nice card lot and a bunch of nice cards

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    Hey man pm me I would love this plaque got a bunch of cards to trade let me know

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