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Thread: One of my new favorite things

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    One of my new favorite things

    One of my new favorite things is to look at a lot of the "Quick Sale" postings that seem to be more and more on here, and see how long the person has been trying to sell the same thing at or above normal prices. I have seen a few drawn out to 2 or 3 pages of "bumps". To me, if it is such a good deal that it should be a quick sale it shouldn't be up for more than a day or so. It just gives me a good laugh when I see I person bumped their "Must Sell Quickly" thread 10-15 times and no one has even commented on it. Anyone else notice this?

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    So what you are saying is that "Quick Sale" means "Hurry up and pay me" not "I am willing to deal to move these quickly"?

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    Ha ha, it appears that way is a large number of cases, yes.

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    There aren't enough novice buyers on here to be tricked by the "I MUST SELL THIS QUICK, SO TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS IS A REALLY GOOD LOW PRICE!" approach lol. That, or everyone just runs quick searches on Ebay or COMC to establish market value. I think some of those quick sale threads post prices that are only considered to be low when compared to their BV :P

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    I 100% agree with that lol. I just ran into a big lot of 2 WB rookies, there were a few patches, some colored chrome rookies and some other stuff. All very nice stuff, don't get me wrong, but their price was $150 HIGHER than ebay individual sales. Their response was that they said it was OBO, lol

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    I wish there was a like button because I like this thread. I always assumed that Quick sales meant prices would reflect the URGENT need of money or sales. Now quick sales are just attention getters. I always enjoy a good laugh when reading a majority of them now.

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    i dont pay attention to them any more unless chajones posts it and then by the time i see it someone already picks it up cause he really does have them. the way i see it is if its over ebay then yes i will get it there. it makes no sense to spend over ebay, much less 75%+ book for anything. money talks and mine goes quick. if its more than a few $ over ebay i'll turn away.


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