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    Donruss Replacement Cards in for Trade

    Got a bad box of Zenith and only got 1 game used no autos round Christmas. Just got sent something now, only pull I had in the Box was a Chad Johnson patch /50 and it was damaged too so I sent it in. I got in return:
    Rookie Roll Call Auto of Kyle Orton 55/150
    Rookie Roll Call Patch 1/25 of Matt Jones

    Lemme know if your interested.

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    Hey!!!!! I Could use that Matt Jones Patch card......

    LMK what ya would Need in Tarde for it and BV on it........

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!

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    Interested in the Orton. LMK, thanks.

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    For those interested in the Jones, Im not positive as of now.

    Chaos, nice stuff as usual, just didnt see anything for the Orton.

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    would be interested in the orton. nice cards at least.

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    Ya, I can say I was at least pleased with em. Sorry Shino, didnt see anything I needed this time.

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    Rookie Roll Call Auto of Kyle Orton 55/150
    please check my trade list.

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    I see the trade list function is still down. Will do once its back up.

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