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    Server Upgrade coming tomorrow! Tuesday, March 12th

    I realize the site has been slow lately. We are growing as usual and we are adding 100s of thousands of images to the OPG/Storefront system. Combined, this is slowing SCF down. I've purchased a SECOND server for SCF. This means the OPG/Storefront system will be down much of the day tomorrow (starting in the morning around 8am EST) while we transfer files.

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! This is great news.
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    Its down as of now for uploading, GL with this, ill be renewing my VIP tom.
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    I just closed down image upload, you can still use the inventory until tomorrow morning but we closed the image upload so we can start moving the images to save time overall. Also the forum should remain open all the time but the trade manager will be closed as well tomorrow morning at 8 AM est time. Reason is that it read both from the OPG database and the forum database.
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    The process is now going well and we hope to open the custom application as soon as we tested the installation sometime in the afternoon and hope to have everthing running smoothly for the evening. It may require some tweeking and ajustement but we will ajust as we monitor the changes.
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    Great Job guys, people need to remember this site is FREE!! The fact that you are always on top of stuff is amazing to me.....Thanks!
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    I'm looking forward to the up speeds! I have about 3-4000 image uploads in the next while. The old upload speed though did allow me to get up and go fill my coffee from time to time before it reset. I'll just have to keep the pot right by my cpu now!
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    Very cool. I love how SCF helps out its fellow collectors
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