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    Neutral experience?! If there was someone to blame in this transaction it would be you to be completely honest. You pulled the quick trigger on an auction you didnt read carefully, and then after two days you already start complaining it hasnt been shipped out yet? It clearly states shipped out within one business day USUALLY (emphasis on the last word). That could also mean in some occasions it takes two days, which would mean monday would have been the next option to ship. But by that time you had already sent 3 messages on when you will be getting a refund.
    To be honest if you are that impatient it would make me weary of trading/selling to you whether it be eBay or on the forums.

    And now on top of that you are trying to make a top rated seller with highest buyer ratings look bad and trying to convince other members not to buy from that person, while it was your fault this deal went south! Classless act if you ask me.
    I happen to agree with big al, sometimes a person gets busy with work, school, kids, etc and people can't always ship out the next day. After what you wrote, I don't want to deal with you for trading.

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    Well this is awkward.....patience is virtue my young one.

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    I still left positive. It wasn't the best transaction. What really bugged me was that he listed auctions while not replying. I was also new to eBay, as it had been my 3 purchase on eBay. I admit I shouldn't have made this thread so soon. Rookie mistake on my part.

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