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    bring on up to the top! Looking to do some trading tonight / tomorrow.....


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    Just put another 25 into my bucket! Added some more autographs and several more nice multi-color patches! I'm trading for AP cards that I need for my pc, multi-color patches and traders. LMK if you see anything that you are interested in and what you have for trade. I'll check buckets but not lists! I can't seem to look at one for very long without getting a headache, that's why. If you have your inventory in list form, I'm not trying to be difficult, I just can't do it!

    LMK what you got and lets do some trading!


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    New stuff added to the bucket! I want to do some trading today. Lots of empty mailers just wanting for cards......


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    Ok I want that Marino. I know I know its like $60. If (by some slim chance) you can use any of the Basketball I would $120 BV for any of my basketball stuff and probably my Baseball. Football depending I would probably go $80 just depending or maybe more.

    PM me lets try to make some sort of deal. Even if its a little cash and a little card. I haven't even looked at the rest so I may post again.

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    Heading back today so why not get some trades in the works!!! It's easy guys, tell me what you like of mine, I'll look at yours and do the same. Then we come to an agreement, post and ship! Simple as that!

    LMK what you like and lets do some trading!


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    bump it up~! Any Sunday traders out here today? Added some new pieces to the bucket...

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    Bump it up! Looking to do some trading this evening! Whose out playing on a school night?

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