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    * Need Football pricing help! *

    I need pricing HELP!
    I am working on a trade and need pricing/ Beckett value on each below but unable to find prices on these few RCs below from Prizm and Magic.
    Could someone who has access to Beckett online help me out?

    R. Tannehill '12 Prizm RC
    R. Wilson '12 Prizm RC
    T. Richardson '12 Magic RC
    T. Richardson '12 Topps Chrome 1957 Reg. RC
    T. Richardson '12 Magic Rookie Enchantment
    D. Martin '12 Magic RC mini
    D. Martin '12 Topps Chrome 1957 Variation RC

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Asking for bv on the boards is against the rules. Try check out my as they use Beckett pricing data

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