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    My mammoth collection so far - missing 5 of 70!!!

    Alright here is my mammoth collection thus far, maybe someone will see this and know where I can get my missing cards, or dig one out of their collection to help me finish :)

    those 2 links are photos of each set, for each card individually you can view them here,

    always looking for upgrades and if you have or see one that I need, then we need to talk lol

    enjoy :)
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    Holy crap!!!
    Collecting Patrick Roy: 1278 cards

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    Check out my inventory:
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    (619 cards, and his 1000th game jersey!)

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    Those are awesome patches. Just wow!!!
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Some amazing looking patches in there! Good luck on finding the remaining ones you need

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    Nice looking cards! Very cool when you display them together. I think that set deserves a display case of some kind when you finish it!
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    I can only afford to trade to Canada with trades BV 50 or more.

    always lookin to trade Hidden Content

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    Holy smokes that is a sweet patch set. Good work !
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    Which ones are you missing?
    Looking for Kjell Dahlin and Joacim Eriksson .
    Also collecting Curtis McKenzie and all hard signed rookie cards of Bo Horvat.

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    Taylor Hall/10, McDonagh/25, Gardiner/10, Bourque/5 and ovechkin/5

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