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    Trying to sell the rest of my collection!!!!!!!! CHEAP BULK LOT MUST GO

    Hey, guys! I only signed up on this site for this one single transaction. This seemed to be the best place to get rid of this stuff.

    I have 8 albums plus a few little storage boxes of mostly football, and a little basketball cards and I want to get rid of the rest of it as soon as possible!!! Cards range from early 1990's through 2012. They include base set stars and rookies and low end inserts. MANY STARS are in this lot including: Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Randy Moss, Aaron Rodgers, Ladainian Tomlinson and so many more. Many rookies from 2007-2012 and even a few jersey cards of some minor stars. Last time I had a price on the lot back in 2011, It was well above 7,000 dollars (and was added to after) I am looking to sell the whole lot for under $1000..... If you are a serious inquire, let me know, and I will take pictures and send them to you and we can even negotiate a price! I want to get rid of these IMMEDIATELY!

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    I am intersted, Please PM me if you have pics. Thanks.

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    I'll take some pics and PM to you as soon as I am through.

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