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    Looking for M&M's handout postcards (Bush,Gilliland,Sadler, Schrader)

    Iam a fan of the M&M's sponsorship, and would like to know if anyone has any past postcard handout photo's of any of the past 7 present driver that have drove the M&M's car. Those driver's are - Kyle Bush, David Gililand, Elliott Sadler, Ken Schrader, Ernie Irvin). I have an assortment of past & present NASCAR races on dvd raging from 1983-2013. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hello, looked thru my collection of Postcards and I have 1 Ken Schrader M&M's hand out from 2000.
    200MPH, Let Em Race !

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    Hi MrD. Thnaks for the reply. I have a mixed batch of various postcards of all different drivers. Would you be interested in a possible trade for the 2000 Ken Schrader M&M's postcard? I have a extra Elliott Sadler M&M's card. I'll send you a list if who i have.

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    I have too many postcards already, trying to get rid of them. I prefer to sell it $3.50 shipped.
    200MPH, Let Em Race !

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    i got an odd m&ms item. ive got two xmas gilliland hood decorations. lmk. thanx, greg

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