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    Looking For 08-09 Sp Authentic Brandon Sutter and Josh Bailey BUY Or TRADE

    Need These 2 Cards to Finish Set:
    2008-09 SP Authentic Auto Rookie XXX/999
    Brandon Sutter-Carolina Hurricanes
    Josh Bailey - Islanders

    Let Me Know If You Can Help

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    I knew that the Josh Baileys were redemptions, and are quite rare (like the Luca Caputi also), but what's with the last Brandon Sutter on Ebay going for $105 plus shipping?? Are they that hard to come by these days? I figured they'd be $20, tops. Guess I was way off!

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    I had no idea, and those were the years I was most in-tune with things. I realize now that Caputi was in 09-10 (and the other rare redemption from that year was Tom Wandell). Sutter and Bailey are obviously 08-09.

    Anyhow, I do have a Sutter, PM coming...

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