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Thread: need ur opinion

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    need ur opinion

    i bought a card off ebay. the guy shipped the card without using a penny sleeve or toploader. he just ship the card without any protection. i want to give him a negative feedback . what to u guys think.

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    I would message him telling him you either want your money back or else you are going to leave negative feedback, and if he wants the card back make him pay shipping.

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    luckly the card wasnt damage....and i really wanted this card

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    I would keep the card and email him asking why he charges shipping if he isn't going to protect the card. Let him know that how he shipped wasn't right and see what he says. Give him like 2 days to respond and if he is mean, demeaning or rude, slap his ™™™™™ with a negative and put in his feedback about how he shipped to help warn others.

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    yes do what babyhuey says. No disrespect to Betts but if the seller knows what he is doing, he will immediately turn you in for feedback extortion if you state it like that and the whole thing will get switched around on you.

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    leave a neutral if he responds decently and negative if not...

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    i email the guy here is what he replay. wat do u guys think.

    I did see your first message and I decided to not comment on it. I am not a Ball Card collector and I have no clue what a penny sleeve is or a top loader. As far as I can tell it is a flimsy piece of plastic that to me would not protect much. I chose to cut up a cd case to make the package more sturdy so as to keep the card from bending. I did not know there is a card buying/ selling Etiquette. The bottom line is the card arrived undamaged. If I had of known it was that important to ship the way you wanted I would have added the sleeve. As for the $2.00 shipping the package to ship was $1.29 and shipping was 0.95 cent which I was still in the negative by 24 cents.

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