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    My grail has arrived. Take a look.

    Yea not a card but still a piece i wanted to show off.

    Hey guys got what i would call a grail for me. Oronde Gadsden is my favorite all time player and always looking for his stuff.
    I saw this listed and had to have it. I did as much research as i could before hand and felt good enough to buy it. It is heavy duty like my other gamers and logos and years are correct.
    Gadsden was a rookie in 98 and this jersey has a 97 tag in it. They only used starter for 2 seasons 97 & 98 so it could have been left over from 97 and they used it as he was a FA signee from arena football.
    Anyhow if anyone knows anything else please lmk. I think it will be impossible to photo match as it has def been washed. Anyhow here are the pics.

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    Totally fake. Sorry to see that happen. Not really any proof to tell you why I know that. I just like you A LOT and I can only imagine its dangerous walking on air like you have been with that thing in hand.

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    SO, yeah, I am totally lying. But its for your safety.... unless you are having a heart attack right now... hmmmmm...

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    Thanks guys. I do my research before i drop any money over 100 as i feel at that point it is a big risk. I love it and now need to get it framed. :)

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